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ZJ Brandshop Influencer Marketing


Where Partnerships Begin

Social Media Marketing + Platform Management + Influencer Marketing

Are you a....?

Platform Management + Influencer Marketing + Social Media Marketing

Find your niche

At ZJBrandshop, we have one goal: establishing a solid social media presence while developing relationships between influencers and brands. We build your platform, spread the word about your business, and create opportunities for you. How do we do this? We strive to cultivate meaningful connections with and between influencers and brands. Let's get to work.

Platform Management + Influencer Marketing

Find your niche

Here at ZJBrandshop our goal is to build long lasting relationships between specified niche’s and brands. We want to build your platform, spread the word about your business and create opportunity for you. How do we do this? We seek to develop meaningful partnerships with and between influencers and brands

How we help

We Manage Platforms

Social Media Marketing is all about creating the perfect strategic plan to maximize results. At ZJBrandshop, we stand beyond this; however, we also feel it is vital that each platform be authentic, honest, and self-made. We manage day-to-day activity to provide optimal results in campaigns, promotions, advertising, etc. By using data, analytics, and a personal touch to curate an individualized strategy for each platform, we can analyze these results to strategize for the best “next step.”

We Market Influencers

Influencers are enthusiastic about their platform and share content expressing those genuine emotions about a particular topic(s). Followers want to follow people that they connect with or share similar passions. Additionally, their followers want to feel like they are a part of a journey with the influencer. Brands are looking to diversify their marketing tactics and not stick to traditional commercials, billboards, and celebrity endorsements. Instead, they are focusing on influencers who have a more immediate reach to their specific target audience.

Enter ZJBrandshop: This is where we come into action. Rather than a brand’s attention be on one or two major campaigns, ZJBrandshop will produce and develop relationships between brands and influencers to create numerous smaller and niche audience campaigns. It’s no longer believed that the number of followers is what deems success but the followers' engagement. ZJBrandshop’s modernized campaigns will unquestionably demonstrate to be more effective than conventional marketing tactics.

We maximize results

Having proper social media management is crucial in today's business world to advance your brand. Your online presence is a representation of YOU. It's essential for that image to be a reflection of how you want you or your brand to be seen. With so many new and complex social platforms, it can get tricky to keep up. At ZJBrandshop, we offer services to help manage your social media platforms, which simultaneously takes the burden off you and gives you free time to work on what's important, your brand. We work to provide your brand the best social media presence, period.

A crucial and modern marketing method to maximize results is influencer marketing. The industry was valued at $8 billion in 2019 and is expected to almost double by 2022, reaching over $15 billion. Influencer marketing is a go-to space for marketing success. Influencers are taking advantage of this new-age marketing by branding themselves with products they like in order to maximize their platform. Brands promote their products through social media and through influencers to reach clients that they might not have reached through their own platform. When ZJBrandshop forms a partnership between a brand and an influencer, both parties, whether big or small, see positive results. We focus on both influencer campaigns and affiliate programs with the commonality that both are tailored programs to meet the specific needs of who we are working with. ZJBrandshop is the connector that can make it all happen between the brand and influencer making it a win-win situation for both parties.

Who We

ZJBrandshop was born from a shared love and passion for fitness and health. The idea for ZJBrandshop sparked in a quickly evolving and virus-infected world when many businesses and industries at large were faced with tremendous hardships. As the fitness industry promptly began reducing class sizes, the online fitness space speedily became the most popular place to go after shutting its doors. With numerous talented and motivating instructors online, it was astonishing to see a lack of monetization of fantastic content. We found this to be the case for health and food professionals as well. Cooking and baking became a fun stress reliever, and the followings of platforms grew exponentially. Helping those share their passions was how ZJBrandshop began and has evolved from there.

What we offer

For our brand partners:

The influencer game is taking the world by storm. We want to make sure influencers and brands alike are getting the most out of their platforms. We aspire to connect brands with influencers to see growth on both ends. For this reason, influencer marketing has become the trendiest and top choice for marketing campaigns. Brands see their products introduced to new audiences that they would have otherwise not reached, and influencers gain extra exposure through the brand's marketing. When a platform expands its reach, substantial growth will be seen, which can most easily be done by developing long-lasting, meaningful partnerships. ZJBrandshop is where partnerships begin!

Social media management is our specialty and the name of the game! We can manage all social platforms, any size with any audience. Additionally, we use top-notch data analytics techniques and strategies to optimize your social presence to the max! We commit to giving our brand partners nothing but the best when it comes to social media management. From creating content strategy to creating content to daily management of accounts, we ensure that your social presence is a perfect representation of your brand.

For our influencers:

We are committed to developing YOUR brand, largely through modern business development methods and social media marketing. We continuously build your name while connecting you with the best-fit partners. We concentrate on combining influencers (specifically in the health, wellness, fitness, food, fashion and lifestyle industries) with brands to boost engagement on both ends further.

We Manage Platforms

While influencer marketing is all a strategic plan to maximize results, at ZJBrandshop, we feel it is important that each platform has the ability to be authentic, real, and self-made. We manage day to day activity in order to provide optimal results in campaigns, promotions, advertising, etc. By using data, analytics and a personal touch to curate a individualized strategy for each platform, we are able to analyze these results in order to strategize for the best “next step”.

Other ways we help

Platform Building

Success does not stop after your platform is initially built; it's just the beginning. With incoming opportunities, we are here to help you take your business to the next step. From implementing strategies to creating partnerships, marketing you and your brand to bring in new business, we are here to ensure growth in your platform.

Strategic Partnerships Formation

Our goal is to create relationships by introducing brands to influencers and influencers to brands. We aspire to build a partnership that thrives on helping one another. Our job here at ZJBrandshop starts with an introduction and doesn’t stop as we continuously work to foster a meaningful relationship.

Influencer Portfolio Creation

Your success lies within your platform. We will curate an influencer portfolio to pitch to brands. This personalized portfolio will highlight your top content, highest engagement rates, and so much more. Having an influencer portfolio or media kit is a screenshot of your brand, who you appeal to, and what you love.

Business Coaching

We'll be your second pair of eyes and a fresh perspective. We work with each influencer and brand to create a unique and individualized approach to maximize platform growth. With that, we will help you clarify your vision, brainstorm ideas, work through the journey with you, and much more. We aim to guide you from the place you are to where you want your platform to be.

For Brands
For Influencers

We Love Your Love

Testimonial Image

“The girls at ZJBrandshop have been nothing short of spectacular. Every last vision I have for my brand, they work to make a reality. I have never felt so supported, guided or heard by any other company in this industry or any other. I appreciate everything they've done for me, all they have planned and all that we will accomplish together in the future!”

Gab Bolin

Testimonial Image

"Couldn’t recommend ZJBrandshop enough. They’ve helped me grow my brand so much and are the most knowledgeable social media professionals I’ve met. They take a personal approach to each client and help their clients reach those lofty goals. I’m so grateful I found this company. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support, ideas, knowledge, and connections!“

Alex Jade Dickens

Testimonial Image

“As a new blogger, ZJBrandShop has been an irreplaceable partner in helping me grow my audience and my brand. I am so thankful for their expertise, guidance and resources as I navigate this new adventure!”

Kodi Hill

Testimonial Image

"Samantha, Sarah, and the entire ZJBrandshop staff have been instrumental in helping build my brand. They always come with good ideas and keep me updated on social media trends that would otherwise slip right past me. ZJBrandshop will help any company or individual hit goals they never thought possible."

Chris Illuminati

Testimonial Image

"ZJBrandshop has been such a blessing. I used to feel so much pressure and lost with what to do with my social media until I worked with Samantha and Sarah. They have been dedicated and resourceful partners that truly want the best for you and your brand. I'm so happy with how my social media has evolved within just 2 months!"

Maia Barnett 

Testimonial Image

“Where can I begin…. The ladies over at ZJBrandshop are nothing short of amazing! They take the time out to get to know and understand not only the brand, but the person behind the brand. They are always there to help and support me in anyway and also encourage me to to think outside the box, which helps me create some of my best work”

Remy Gerstel


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