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Our ZjBrandshop team

ZJBrandshop's creative and innovative environment is thanks to its dedicated team.

We have top notch talent on our team because we will provide you only with the best service. Our team has a true passion for fitness and health but also, appreciates a great splurge every so often - who doesn't love a delicious warm cookie or a decadent piece of cake?!

It's important to us to exemplify the brands and influencers we work with so you can find our team frequenting our influencer's workout classes, cooking up our favorite blogger's recipe or trying out a brand's newest seasonal product. We love and believe in the platforms we work with and we thrive on the exhilaration of creating long-lasting partnerships between them. After all, this is where partnerships begin.

Samantha Jacoby

Founder + CEO

Samantha's love of fitness began at the young age of six when she entered her first dance class. At that point it was the tutu and ballet slippers that fostered such excitement but it soon became so much more. Upon high school graduation, the end of her dance career, she became a frequent face at barre and cycling studios to indulge her fitness craving. It was only natural that her passion for fitness would then lead her to dive into the world of health, both in the kitchen and business. After earning a degree in Communication Studies from the University of Michigan and a graduate degree in Entrepreneurship from Baruch’s Zicklin School of Business, Samantha knew it was time to take her education and intertwine it with her sheer love of fitness and health. Bringing her work experience in business development and management to the table, Samantha founded ZJBrandshop, an agency to build, grow and market businesses in these beloved industries.

Sarah Sheldon


Sarah's appreciation for fitness and health began at age 11 when she began her athletic career in the pool as a water polo player. She went on to play Division I Women's Water Polo at UCLA, where she earned a degree in sociology. Once out of the pool, Sarah found great joy in all things fitness and health. With experience in the recruitment and entertainment industries in combination with her athletic background, Sarah was thrilled to dive right into a brand management and influencer marketing industry. Sarah is thrilled to be using her work experience and education to study the current influencer marketing industry to best manage and market ZJBrandshop's influencer and brand portfolios. Her goal is to change the stigma behind being an influencer to a positive marketing trend.

Platform Management + Influencer Marketing

Find your niche

Here at ZJBrandshop our goal is to build long lasting relationships between specified niche’s and brands. We want to build your platform, spread the word about your business and create opportunity for you. How do we do this? We seek to develop meaningful partnerships with and between influencers and brands

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We Love Your Love

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“The girls at ZJBrandshop have been nothing short of spectacular. Every last vision I have for my brand, they work to make a reality. I have never felt so supported, guided or heard by any other company in this industry or any other. I appreciate everything they've done for me, all they have planned and all that we will accomplish together in the future!”

Gab Bolin

Testimonial Image

"Couldn’t recommend ZJBrandshop enough. They’ve helped me grow my brand so much and are the most knowledgeable social media professionals I’ve met. They take a personal approach to each client and help their clients reach those lofty goals. I’m so grateful I found this company. I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support, ideas, knowledge, and connections!“

Alex Jade Dickens

Testimonial Image

“As a new blogger, ZJBrandShop has been an irreplaceable partner in helping me grow my audience and my brand. I am so thankful for their expertise, guidance and resources as I navigate this new adventure!”

Kodi Hill

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“I have seen incredible results in the quality of content I’m producing and the increase in quantitative followers. I’m really happy with the results and so thankful for ZJBrandshop!”

Brian Schab

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"Samantha, Sarah, and the entire ZJBrandshop staff have been instrumental in helping build my brand. They always come with good ideas and keep me updated on social media trends that would otherwise slip right past me. ZJBrandshop will help any company or individual hit goals they never thought possible."

Chris Illuminati

Testimonial Image

"ZJBrandshop has been such a blessing. I used to feel so much pressure and lost with what to do with my social media until I worked with Samantha and Sarah. They have been dedicated and resourceful partners that truly want the best for you and your brand. I'm so happy with how my social media has evolved within just 2 months!"

Maia Barnett